Top 6 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Currently, more and more people worldwide are realizing the numerous cosmetic and health benefits of having their teeth whitened by professionals other than through DIY methods. It is now more apparent than ever that these over-the-counter clean strips pose severe health risks to your teeth. By whitening your teeth under the close supervision of an expert, you get to improve the outcome of your results and the safety of your teeth. This article explores the great pros of having your teeth professionally whitened at Artaza Dental.

Professional Information and Approach

When purchasing over-the-counter teeth whitening products from your local drugstore, you may not necessarily get all the vital information on using the product. This misinformation or lack of information could either cause you severe oral health problems or unexpected results if you use the product incorrectly.

During professional teeth whitening procedures, the dentist first examines your teeth to determine the type of teeth stains you have. Teeth stains could either be extrinsic (caused by your lifestyle choices and food and beverages) or intrinsic (found within your teeth), which are pretty hard to remove. After the evaluation, your dentist will choose the appropriate teeth whitening product to produce your desired outcome.

Safer Treatment, Comfortable Results

The majority of over-the-counter teeth whitening products can pose a danger to your teeth by damaging your gums or making your teeth more sensitive to anything you put in your mouth. Professional teeth whitening procedures are much safer for you and your teeth because the dentist makes sure your teeth are not exposed to damage. To further improve the effectiveness of the procedure, your dentist will also give you professional advice on how to take care of your teeth post-treatment.

Personalized Service

Many teeth whitening products purchased in the local drugstores are assumed to be suitable for everyone, but this is not ordinarily true because everyone has a unique set of teeth. All professional teeth whitening procedures are specifically designed in accordance with your teeth’ alignment and characteristics.

Improved Oral Health

Continuously using over-the-counter teeth whitening products will likely deteriorate your oral health and also expose you to mouth health problems that include mouth ulcers. Opting to whiten your teeth professionally will prevent any exposure to these health risks and make your teeth stronger and healthier.

Guaranteed Results

Deciding to whiten your teeth professionally does not only provide you with quick results but also long-lasting results. This is contrary to other teeth whitening products that require continuous application only to give you uneven outcomes or partial teeth whitening.

Improved Self-Esteem

Having healthy and bright-looking teeth will make you more attractive to people, and also you will have a much easier time meeting people and making new friends. This will result in an overall boost in your self-confidence and the quality of your social interactions.


Dr. Hugo Artaza, together with his highly experienced team of dentists, guarantees their patients satisfying professional teeth whitening results without using lasers or lights. Instead, they use an excellent teeth whitening technique that ensures all deeply rooted stains on your teeth are entirely removed, taking care not to harm sensitive teeth. To learn more about whitening your teeth professionally, you can either make an appointment online or call Artaza Dental offices today.